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'My Boys' producer knows baseball writers with time off!

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Just got off the phone with Betsy Thomas, executive producer of TBS' "My Boys," the best show about a fictional sportswriter who never works since "Everybody Loves Raymond."

I will be addressing this matter at length in a future newspaper column, but the short story is that Ms. Thomas would love to show more of the lead character, PJ Franklin, at work, but there simply isn't time in a nine-episode season focused primarily on her relationships with her male, poker-playing, beer-drinking buddies.

Fair enough. But how does Franklin have time to socialize at all during baseball season?

Thomas said she researched the matter before the show launched in 2006, including shadowing then LA Times baseball writer Steve Henson.

"I've chatted with many who say, 'I don’t travel all the time during the season; I don’t travel to all the games,"' she said. "But I've spoken to others who say you have no life. I think it depends."

Lennon? O'Brien? Davidoff? Heyman? Your thoughts?

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