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My favorite baseball flick: 'Field of Dreams' . . . and you?

(Credit: Watchdog)

I'm amazed at how much critical attention the new baseball film "Sugar" has gotten, given its indie feel, its avoidance of sports movie cliches and the fact it is half in Spanish.

But SI, the Times, WatchDog and many others have written positively about it, and I certainly recommend you check it out.

Just don't go into it expecting the kind of mass-appeal flick that usually makes the lists of best baseball movies ever.

By all means spend the weekend catching up on films in the link above you have not yet seen, then enjoy Opening Week as our diamond heroes begin another insanely long campaign.

WatchDog will be on an early spring hiatus, with very limited blogging.

In the meantime, enjoy Newsday's many other fine sports blogs.

And, brand new on the baseball blogging scene: YES' Kimberly Jones, here.

WatchDog kudos to the first guy or gal to ID the fellow in the picture. Only hint is he has something to do with a famous baseball flick.

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