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NBA All-Star ratings continue their steady decline

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I'm trying to cut back on my addiction to ratings items in the newspaper, so I saved this one for the blog, because . . . well, it's just a blog, so what's the difference?

The ratings for the NBA All-Star game have dropped every single year since the (not so) big event moved to TNT, bottoming out at 6.3 million viewers or so last weekend.

In 2003, the game attracted 8.2 percent of homes with the channel. In '04, the figure fell to 6.2. Then 6.0. Then 5.2. Then 5.1. Then 4.5.

The numbers are even more grim if you consider the percentage for all U.S. homes, whether or not they have TNT.

Last weekend's figure by that measure was 3.8. In 2002, the game's final year on a broadcast channel, NBC did an 8.2.

(I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but Connie Hawkins has the biggest right hand I ever have shaken, at least in terms of finger length. The biggest right hand I ever have shaken in overall massiveness was Luther Wright's, with Shaq a close runner-up.)

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