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NBC shows ceremony 12 hours late, some viewers balk

(Credit: Watchdog)

Here's the thing about a certain newspaper that is covering the Olympics as if they are being staged at the corner of Eighth Avenue and 40th Street:

I know the fine folks over there are competitors of Newsday, but more important than that is (occasionally) sharing worthwhile Beijing-related stuff they produce with you, dear readers. (Me? I'm busy with Brett. Duh!)

Hence this interesting link about NBC's attempts to keep the opening ceremony genie in the bottle in the Internet era.

I hate tape delayed sports as much as the next guy, but I just don't think it's a big deal for a scripted show such as the opening ceremony. Things will get more serious now that the actual Games are underway, as tech-savvy Americans seek live video of major events before NBC is ready to show them in prime time.

This ultimately is a losing battle for the Peacocks. Thank goodness the 2010 Winter Games are in North America, allowing the big stuff to be scheduled for prime time here.

By London 2012, the idea of holding major events for prime time viewing will seem even more quaint than it is today.

(UPDATE: None of this seems to have hurt the TV ratings much. NBC said the overnight rating for major markets showed 21.7 percent of homes watched the event, the most ever for a non-American opening ceremony, surpassing the previous high of 18.5 for Sydney in 2000. Also, NBCOlympics.com had 70 million page views Friday, 10 times the number for the opening day of the Athens Games in 2004.)

(ANOTHER UPDATE: The official national rating for Friday night was 18.6, surpassing the 18.1 for the 1960 Rome Games to make it the highest rated opening ceremony ever outside the U.S. The 1984 L.A. Games scored a 23.9 rating, and Atlanta in '96 did a 23.6.)

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