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New York market loves Oscars more than any other

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As I predicted Monday . . . despite a healthy rise in ratings over last year, the Academy Awards' estimated 36.3 million viewers was less than half what the Super Bowl attracted (98.7 million) and significantly less than the AFC Championship Game (40.7 million).

More women watched the Super Bowl (38.3 million) than men and women combined who watched the Oscars. About 21 million women watched the Oscars.

This is what I found most interesting about the ratings figures, though:

While New York ranked 46 among major markets for SBXLIII with an average of 37.9 percent of households, it was No. 1 for the Oscars, with an average of 34.1 percent.

Chicago and L.A. ranked second and third for the Academy Awards among major markets.

Based on this data it would appear that relative to the rest of America, big cities enjoy movies and award shows more, and football less.

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