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New Yorkers face mad, desperate battle for Sunday TV enthusiam

Here is a short story I wrote for the newspaper about the New York sports gridlock looming Sunday night.

Of course, in the real world many viewers will jump back and forth between the Yankees and Giants games - if not "Desperate Housewives," "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Mad Men."

In my household, all five shows will be watched (eventually), which is what makes TV ratings so imprecise, bordering on just plain silly.

Still, Nielsen will record which home watched what show at what time and eventually release the official standings, which will fascinate ratings nerds such as myself.

In New York, the Yankees surely will come out on top, especially if the game is close.

Nationally, the race between the Yankees and Giants will be interesting and could come down to the competitiveness of each game.

As a TV night overall, I must say: pretty, pretty, pretty good.

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