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Newsday/Newsday.com plan to cover SBXLII thoroughly

(Credit: Watchdog)

I just got back from the big Newsday meeting to plan SBXLII coverage.

I had a tuna wrap and a cookie and got to say hello to the entire Newsday squad, with the exception of Glauber, who was on a speaker phone after his unplanned overnight visit to Milwaukee.

Short version: Cut me some slack if the blog posts are a little slow this week, but we will make up for it in a big way next week, when Newsday is planning its most Web-centric Super Bowl extravaganza ever.

In the meantime, I'm just catching up on e-mails and listening to The Marquis on WFAN.

Sorry, but I find it curiously addicting. The morbid fascination of hearing guys who think they know sports calling in to dramatically and comically proving otherwise is a perennial New York sports radio treat.

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