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Newsday visits new Giants/Jets stadium, shoots video

(Credit: Watchdog)

Where's the traditional Friday link to the newspaper column? Sorry, there is no newspaper column.

I had good stuff, but Steinbrenner-related space limitations prompted a delay until Sunday.

If I'd known that in advance I would have attended the tour of the new Giants/Jets stadium, still awaiting a naming sponsor in the form of a company with the chutzpah to spend millions on getting its name up in lights while stock prices plunge and people lose their jobs. (Sorry, "Citi.")

Fortunately, Katie Strang went and wrote this story. (I saw Katie before the Rangers game Wednesday. She said she was OK with me lauding her "spunk" in a recent post. I was afraid it might have been sexist or disrespectful or something. I mostly was looking for a cheap Lou Grant/Mary Richards reference to keep the baby boomers awake.)

Hey, check this out: Newsday also has video from the new ballyard.

Looks like it'll be nice. That didn't stop me Sunday from wondering the following as I walked into Giants Stadium: Remind me again what was wrong with this place?

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