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Next time put Omar Minaya in dugout, with a Bigelow tea

Omar Minaya has some work to do in

Omar Minaya has some work to do in 2010.

One bit of good news to come out of the Omar vs. Adam saga is that no one this week is asking me about Erin Andrews.

A couple more random thoughts about Monday's events:

Five years ago, Omar Minaya likely would have been addressing reporters informally in the dugout or near the batting cage about a news story of moderate proportions such as firing Tony Bernazard.

But in 2009, Minaya found himself in the same formal setting the manager now uses for his pre- and postgame sessions, which for all practical purposes is a TV studio.

Might Minaya have been more comfortable - and less apt to lose his cool and temper with Adam Rubin - if he had been in a more relaxed, old-school setting? Just wondering.

As for the dueling charges regarding Rubin's alleged inquiries into employment in baseball, let's assume the truth is somewhere between the extremes of "lobbying" for a job and seeking general "career advice."

The bottom line remains: Regardless of motivation, it appears Rubin wrote essentially accurate stories about transgressions the Mets deemed serious enough to fire a long-time, well-connected employee over.

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