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NFC title game a bigger deal in Fort Myers than here

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It is customary whenever a New York team goes deep in the playoffs that the TV ratings for the opposing market come in much, much higher.

Sunday's NFC title game was no exception. In Milwaukee, 58.5 percent of all homes watched the game. In New York, it was 32.8 percent, which, of course, translates to far more people overall than those who watched in Milwaukee, because New York is vastly larger.

We finished tied for 18th among the 56 major markets measured in the overnight ratings, behind 16 cities without a local team in the game. New York simply has a higher percentage of people who don't care than any other market.

Here is the top 10 in ratings (percentage of all TV homes) alongside that market's share (percentage of TVs in use that watched):

1. Milwaukee 58.5/78

2. Minneapolis 44.1/61

3. Fort Myers 39.1/52

3. New Orleans 39.1/51

5. Tampa 38.4/56

6. Jacksonville 37.1/49

7. Indianapolis 36.9/50

8. Washington 36.8/52

9. Philadelphia 35.9/51

10. Orlando 35.5/47

18. New York 32.8/48

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