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NFL annoys some in West by putting draft to prime time

(Credit: What about Bob?)

Was on Sirius XM this morning with my old "Giants Online" colleague Bob Papa to discuss the NFL's decision to move the first three rounds of the draft into prime time April 22 and 23 of 2010.

It seemed like a logical to move to me, but as a biased East Coast scribe I hadn't even considered something Papa said several callers brought up: That the first round will begin at 4:30 Pacific Time Thursday and the second round at 3:30 Friday.

That will create a massive spike in NFL-related Internet traffic west of the Rockies those days, but will make it difficult to Californians to watch on TV. The move also ruined many fans' traditional weekend gatherings to enjoy the draft together.

Ratings for the event probably will go down because of the tough competition from broadcast networks on Thursday, but viewership might go up because there are more eyeballs available than on a Saturday afternoon.

Me? I'll record it, I suppose. We pay Glauber the big bucks to watch this stuff live for us.


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