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NFL Network still dark on Cablevision, Time Warner

Giants quarterback Eli Manning gets up slowly after

Giants quarterback Eli Manning gets up slowly after being knocked to the ground during his team's 34-31 win over the Falcons in overtime. (November 22, 2009) (Credit: Joe Rogate)

Careful readers will notice that my newspaper column about Matt Millen completely ignores the issue of the NFL Network's ongoing absence from some major cable companies - notably Time Warner and Cablevision.

I plead guilty to not keeping up with this story much recently, but I throw myself on the mercy of the readership on this.

Long before Cablevision purchased Newsday the topic had been causing my eyes - and those of most readers - to glaze over, as many of these tedious distribution battles do.

(Same goes for Versus' current disappearance from DirecTV.)

I will say this: The NFL anticipated its agreement with Comcast to distribute the NFL Network more widely this season would pave the way for deals with Time Warner and Cablevision at last.

Still hasn't happened. Why? All I can do is ask.

But be careful what you wish for with this endless list of sports stations: Every time your cable company adds a new channel, the cost eventually must filter into your monthly bill.

(Thursday's Giants-Broncos game and next Thursday's Jets-Bills game will be simulcast on Channel 11 for those among you without the NFL Network. Including me.)

Photo: Joe Rogate

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