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NFL rules over Grammys, Oscars

As many ratings geeks such as myself anticipated, Sunday night's pizzazz-challenged Oscars telecast was unable to beat the Grammys show from earlier this month in average viewership.

It was close, actually, with the Oscars coming in at 39.3 million, just short of the Grammys' 39.9.

The only other time the Grammys out-rated the Oscars was 1984, when Michael Jackson cleaned up at the music awards presentation.

Barring some sort of surprising TV development over the next 10 months, the Grammys and Oscars will finish sixth and seventh in viewership among 2012 programs.

Nos. 1 through 5? You guessed it: NFL playoff games. The Super Bowl, both conference championship games, the Giants-Packers divisional round game and the Steelers-Broncos wild-card game all broke the 40-million-viewers mark.

It is just the latest example of the extraordinary ratings power of the NFL, which continues to defy gravity even as most of television battles ever-increasing media alternatives and DVR useage.

The Super Bowl had more viewers than the Grammys and Oscars combined, plus the entire population of Venezuela, plus the estimated number of people in Times Square New Year's Eve.

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