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NFL TV rules frustrate fans again

As soon as CBS switched from Chiefs-Jets Sunday afternoon to what looked to be an interesting game in England between the Chargers and Saints, veteran viewers knew what was coming.

Sure enough, after getting a taste as the Chargers drove for what they hoped would be a tying touchdown, CBS dropped the game at the two-minute warning because it had to under NFL TV rules.

If the scheduled game in a market - in this case Chiefs-Jets in New York - runs past 4:15, the network can stick with it and not protect the doubleheader game on another network - in this case Giants vs. Steelers on Fox.

But when the game in question is a game it has switched to late - in this case Saints-Chargers - it is not permitted to keep the game on beyond 4:15, thus protecting the network that has the doubleheader game.

Got that?

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