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No actors were harmed in the making of this movie

(Credit: Watchdog)

The middle-aged actors involved in the making of the movie "Semi-Pro" said they suffered no significant injuries during the filming.

Said Will Ferrell: "We had a two-week training camp and I was playing a little before that. I was in fairly decent running shape prior to that. So I was OK, I was all right, I was never too winded or anything like that."

I asked him about being widely filmed and photographed in tight-fitting, old-style basketball duds.

"That’s how form fitting that equipment was," he said. "It wasn’t a goal to look svelte. In photos that I looked at from that era, while the guys had athletic bodies they weren’t the bodies of today, where they were ripped. A lot of guys in the general casting for all the teams, if you were too muscular they didn’t cast you, because it was a different type of body then."

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