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No surprise: Yankees fans see bias in Fox announcers

Nice story here from Sandomir providing historical context to the inevitable complaints by some Yankees fans that Fox's Joe Buck and/or Tim McCarver are biased against their team.

Sandomir went back three decades or so, but he could just as easily have talked about all the guff the Roman public address announcer got for perceived bias in calling the chariot races between the Greens and the Blues.

(I apologize to the many readers who have emailed their concerns about this. I have gotten increasingly cranky and dismissive in responding. I should be more sensitive.)

This is it for me today on the Series beat. I'll be back at it Wednesday.

Please follow the coverage by our baseball crew here.

Joe Girardi has agreed to visit their homes periodically after the playoffs are over to ease their transition back to talking to their families rather than to him every day.


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