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NY area distracted from NFL Draft by baseball, hockey

(Credit: Watchdog)

As I keep telling frustrated p.r. people: I earned the right to ignore the NFL Draft on this beat by covering it for 10 years on my previous beat. Sorry.

(A brief summary of coverage plans for the weekend: ESPN will do a lot of it, as will the NFL Network, as will Sirius XM radio, as will Newsday.)

Oh, what the heck, I'll do one draft-related post. Here are some interesting statistics from Yahoo regarding searches tied to the big event:

78 percent are by males, 22 by females

Males ages 25-to-34 search the most

Markets that search the most: Denver, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Cleveland, Columbus

States that search the most: CO, WI, OH, MI, PA, SC, LA, MO

Thanks to Tom Rock for this stuff. I hope the Giants keep the beat writers as well fed over the weekend as they did in my day.

We all will be thinking of the guys and gals in the Giants Stadium press room bunker while enjoying the 85-degree weather this weekend.

(WatchDog kudos to first reader to ID the guy in the picture and what he has to do with this post.)

(UPDATE: One of the aforementioned frustrated p.r. people sent me the following survey from ESPN.com of what sports fans are looking forward to watching this weekend:

NFL Draft - 47 percent

NBA Playoffs - 26 percent

Yankees-Red Sox -13 percent

NHL Playoffs - 11 percent

Talladega NASCAR - 4 percent

total votes: 110,675)

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