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OK, students, here is how you comment on the new blog

Interior designers display their talents at the Hamptons Designer Showcase, Friday, July 17, 2009, in Water Mill, NY. The library. (John Dunn for Newsday) (Credit: Newsday/John Dunn)

OK, people, I'm learning this new site along with you.

I asked about RSS feeds and am awaiting a status report. But I did figure out the commenting process today.

First, you need to register - relatively painless - but you don't have to be a Newsday subscriber or Cablevision customer to get access. Yet.

Here's the other big change: To comment or read others' comments, you must click on a specific blog post .

You no longer can access the comments section merely by calling up the main blog page.

OK? Let's be patient out there!

(UPDATE: Hey, I just noticed that several of you have been commenting for days already! I didn't even see that stuff, most of which concerns our redesign. See, I'm learning as I go as well. Sorry for not replying to earlier comments.)

Photo: Newsday/John Dunn

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