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Omar Minaya drops bombshell on Mets beat reporter

The Mets have fired Tony Bernazard, their vice

The Mets have fired Tony Bernazard, their vice president of player development. (Credit: NY Daily News)

Did Omar Minaya just accuse the Daily News' Adam Rubin of having an agenda in his reporting on Tony Bernazard because he wanted to land a player personnel job in the Mets' organization?


Nice job by SNY doing a split screen of Rubin's shocked reaction as Minaya spoke . . . minutes after Rubin had appeared on SNY to discuss the Bernazard story.

Now Rubin and Omar are debating this in the middle of a news conference, which has taken its place already as one of the strangest in the history of New York media!

Back in the studio, Jon Heyman - with whom Rubin has had issues of late (10 questions down) - expressed his shock, and Bob Ojeda said the last time he witnessed something that uncomfortable was the infamous Strawberry-Hernandez fight of many moons ago.

Kevin Burkhardt just said on the team-owned network that Minaya bringing Rubin into the story in this manner was "kinda nuts."

Why do the Mets continue to let Mr. Minaya serve as their spokesman in these news conferences when he is so consistently bad at it?

Rubin, who called Minaya turning this into a story "obscene," wondered afterward how he is going to cover the team after this incident. Good question.

Photo: Daily News

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