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One, last time: Troy Aikman does NOT hate the Giants

(Credit: Watchdog)

As I promised on the blog the other day, I grudgingly asked poor Troy Aikman one last time about the alleged anti-Giants bias many diehards detect in his analysis.

“People hear whatever they want to hear,’’ said Aikman, who loathes this topic. He said he has heard the same thing from fans of every team in the NFC East, including the Cowboys.

Earlier this season, he had the audacity to suggest Clinton Portis – a non-Cowboy! – might be his favorite player in the league. That didn’t go over well in Big D.

Aikman said the Patriots' ability to sustain their dynasty, something the Cowboys of the early to mid 1990s did not do, is what impresses him most about them.

“They have what we failed to keep,’’ he said.

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