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One more Stan Isaacs-Alvin Dark post, then I'm done

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As you know, I reached out to Alvin Dark to discuss my column of last Sunday revisiting the controversial column(s) written about him in 1964 by Newsday's Stan Isaacs (left).

Mr. Dark declined to comment, but I did dig up a video exchange between Isaacs and Dark in the 2005 Dan Klores documentary "Viva Baseball," in which Dark describes the "blow" the Isaacs pieces dealt him and questioning the columnist's portrayal of him.

Click below for a transcript.Dark: "Stan Isaacs was on vacation [in San Francisco]."

Isaacs: "The Giants had been losing games on stupidity, making bad plays, getting caught in rundowns, the kinds of things that drive a manager crazy."

Dark: "And I said, 'We have the dumbest base-running I've ever seen.' I did not mention anyone's name."

Isaacs: "He said, 'They can't help it. Black players and Latin players are not like other players. They don't have the intelligence, and you can't get team spirit out of them, and they're not as sharp.'"

Dark: "He wrote the article that I was a bigot and I was prejudiced."

Isaacs: "He was a like a benevolent plantation owner - treats his slaves well, as well as he could, but he knew they had limitations."

Dark: "That was just one of the toughest blows that I've really ever had to handle. [Coach] Herman Franks heard this whole conversation, and I said, 'Herman, how did he get this out of this?' And he said, 'I don't know. The guy must just not like you.'"

Isaacs: "It was a cordial conversation. I didn't take notes. Because I didn't take notes, I later felt, well, I owed him something, I'm not going to pound on him. Let him deny it, and all I could say was I knew he had said it, I know other people had heard him say it and heard others say it, so I was not afraid when he said he would sue."

Dark: "Jackie Robinson told the sportswriters that you might not like Alvin Dark, I didn't like him either when I played against him. But he is not a bigot."

Isaacs: "At the end of the season, Dark was fired."

Orlando Cepeda: "I forgave Alvin Dark, but also I was very happy to see him go."

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