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Oprah Winfrey makes Mike Tyson cry, Evander Holyfield talk

It turns out "Mike and the Mad Dog" was not the only big sports reunion this Friday.

For the past few minutes I have been watching Oprah Winfrey and her audience make Mike Tyson cry on live national TV.

They just went to a break, and Oprah said Evander Holyfield would be joining them on the set - the first time Tyson and Holyfield have spoken since . . . well, you know.

(UPDATE: Holyfield and Tyson said nice things about each other. Mike laughed a little and cried a little. Evander said all is forgiven. More on Oprah's site.)

My blogging week is done, but I'll continue to keep my, um, ear to the ground for you.

Thanks, WatchDog Nation, for making this (by far) our biggest page views day since the Newsday.com redesign in July.

Enjoy the season premiere of "Ugly Betty" Friday night. It's only two hours and will be over at 10, so you still can catch the last six innings of the Yankees game.

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