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Perkins struck out as Piersall

Last week I invited readers to weigh in on the most unflattering portrayal of a sports figure in movie history.

(The inspiration was the flip side of that, which is Athletics GM Billy Beane having Brad Pitt play him in the new movie, "Moneyball.")

I suggested William Bendix as Babe Ruth in "The Babe Ruth Story," but the votes now are in and the readers have spoken - loudly.

The "winner," with a whopping 83 percent of the vote, is Anthony Perkins' infamous take on Jimmy Piersall in the 1957 movie "Fear Strikes Out."

The problem wasn't so much Piersall's acting as his baseball playing. Let's just say it was not quite up to major league standards.

Or Little League standards.

Piersall ended up disavowing the film, more for its story inaccuracies than its baseball scenes. But he would have been within his rights to object to the latter, too.

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