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Phil Simms believes Giants have best d-line in NFL

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Several journalist types asked Phil Simms at Tuesday's CBS NFL luncheon about the Giants and the perception they are unlikely to be a threat to repeat as SB champs.

Simms told anyone who would listen that the Giants are legit. Here is what he said to me:

"Why wouldn't people think they'll [contend again]? It took them a while to figure out what the hell they were [last year]. That’s what’s interesting about the NFL. I always say it takes until Week 4 or 5 to decide what you’re going to do on offense, then what are you going to be as you get near the end of the season and the playoffs.

"The Giants did figure it out and did gel, but they are so terrific on both sides of the ball up front and that’s not going to change. That plays well, always, in the NFL. The Giants played bad at times, the people behind [the lines] played bad, but they still were able to get in the playoffs.

"[Even without Michael Strahan] they're just a terrific, terrific pass-rushing team and I don’t see that changing. The Super Bowl didn’t surprise me. Not in terms of winning and losing, but as I said to many people Super Bowl week, when you looked at the Giants-New England game the last game of the year that game could have been 14-10 as easily as it was 38-35, because the Giants were a half inch from Tom Brady every play, every play!

"Tom Coughlin, Bill Parcells, Bill Belichick, Romeo Crennel, Jeff Fisher, I can’t even name them all. They believe in up front. That’s how they’ve built their organization. Tom Coughlin definitely believes in it and it shows."

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