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Phil Simms: Jets would've won 10 games with Chad in '08

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Phil Simms dropped an interesting bombshell of an opinion Tuesday at CBS' annual pre-season gathering of its NFL announcers:

"I think the Vikings would have had just as good a record with Tarvaris Jackson at quarterback as with Brett Favre," he said.


"I think a lot of people underplay Jackson's ability. I've talked to a lot of quarterbacks around the league and his name does come up every once in a while. He played very well down the end of the season last year. I think he's a tremendous talent and probably saved his job with the Vikings the way he played last week in that preseason game.

"I kind of thought the same thing last year. You bring in a Brett Favre to the Jets because you're looking to win the playoff game. But when you look at the regular season, if the Jets would have kept Chad Pennington, I believe they would have won 10 games.

"But what good would that have done? Nothing. The people in New York and the press will never get over the hump unless we get another quarterback. So that story was going to end that way no matter what.

"But I just think Minnesota is a very talented team. And with the running back, Adrian Peterson, I believe Tarvaris Jackson was the quarterback that fits perfectly with that. Dynamic arm. Can run around and showed - he's a young guy - that he was progressing at the of last year. We'll see."

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