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Presidential candidates grovel for pro wrestling votes

(Credit: Watchdog)

When I first read the news release Monday I thought it was a joke so I didn't do a post on it. But it really happened!

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain all appeared via video on WWE's "Monday Night RAW" on USA Network Monday night.

Apparently this started with an invitation from the WWE to have Clinton and Obama step into the ring to settle the Democratic nomination.

Obama is a decent basketball player, but he wisely passed on taking on Clinton, who presumably would have been ready, willing and able to hit him over the head with a metal folding chair.

Speaking of WWE, those pesky pro wrestling upstarts are ahead of WatchDog on the April page views list for sports blogs. (Top five: Rangers, Yanks, WWE, Mets, ME.) I still say WWE should not count as a sports blog.

Sigh. At least I'm crushing Glauber again.

(Bonus kudos to first reader to identify the guy in the picture.)

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