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Queens man skips three miles while holding tiger on leash

I didn't have time to watch the DVD of HBO's latest "Real Sports," debuting Tuesday, because I figured I'd spend quality time with the family before the W.S. starts.

But this segment sounds like it might be interesting:

Ashrita Furman, 55, a health food store manager from Queens, holds the Guiness World Record for holding the most world records - 244 of them since 1979.

Among these are pushing a car 17 miles in 24 hours, running a mile with a milk bottle on his head in 7:47 and skipping three miles while holding a tiger on a leash.

I am going to assume this fellow is a follower of the late Sri Chinmoy.

I spent many a day in the late 1980s in Newsday's Kew Gardens office typing stories about the various physical feats of Mr .Chinmoy's flock.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.


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