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Rangers fan fave Mike Milbury talks about Ovechkin

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The Rangers and Capitals will play Game 2 of their first-round series at 1 p.m. Saturday on NBC, whose analyst Mike Milbury had this to say about the Caps' Alexander Ovechkin:

"As electrifying a player as I've seen."

What about Stan Jonathan?! (Just kidding. I don't know where that name came from.)

For more random quotes from Milbury and fellow NBC yakkers Pierre McGuire and Ed Olczyk that the network sent in hopes I would post them, click below.

Photo: GettyMCGUIRE ON THE RANGERS: "John Tortorella has gone into New York and just doing a spectacular coaching job, getting those guys to go from a passive team to a very aggressive team, along with the reemergence of Sean Avery as an important player and a controlled player for the New York Rangers."

OLCZYK ON CHANGES PROPELLING PENGUINS AND RANGERS: "I think it went hand in hand, not only with the job that these two particular coaches did with getting the teams into the playoffs, but also the important personnel changes that the general managers made. It's almost a piggy back type of situation of bringing in a new voice and then also bringing in really key components; Pittsburgh taking their game back to the level that I think a lot of people saw last year, and then in New York just an up tempo type of philosophy. But I think it's proven, you need the horses in the barn, and it's up to the coach to be able to let them play to their strengths."

MILBURY ON RANGERS AND PENGUINS COACHING CHANGES: "Every situation is different, but when the guys that get the nod to coach the teams bring them to the playoffs, you have to say, well, maybe it was the right way to go. There are a lot of coaching changes I think that were positive this year, and whether it was luck of the draw or not, what coaching changes do is basically bring an attitude change. You take a classic case of Pittsburgh and Dan Bylsma, Mike Therrien is not a bad coach, but everybody seemed to be down and really not enjoying playing the game. He brought in a free spirited aggressive kind of style, and it seemed to let the horses out of the barn. Tortorella has certainly dipped into a different well of motivation to get guys going in New York. All in all, you have to say the changes that the GMs sought to make and made turned out pretty well for the most part. So you've got to give them credit. But I've seen plenty go the other way, as well."

MCGUIRE ON OVECHKIN: "He can do it by himself. A lot of guys need other players around him. He can make himself great and make this team win because he is so overwhelmingly dominant because of the physical nature of his game. He's the best player in the world. He's virtually indestructible. I would call him a 'cyborg.'"

MILBURY ON OVECHKIN: "He's taken it to another level. There's no question he's as electrifying a player as I've seen."

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