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Reggie Jackson greatly displeased with ESPN series

MSG's "The Game 365" Sunday night will debut an episode featuring Fran Healy's sitdown with Reggie Jackson.

The interview is set for 10 p.m., right after MSG finishes replaying the ESPN series "The Bronx is Burning."

Good timing, because Jackson takes strong issue with his portrayal in the series. You can look below to read his colorful, extensive quotes on that topic.

Is Reggie in denial, or was he truly wronged?

I wasn't there in the summer of '77; I was too busy filling orders in a steamy car parts warehouse in Huntington Station.

But I have spoken to a wide array of people who were, and they uniformly agree the ESPN series portrayed Jackson both inaccurately and unfairly.

Photo: ESPN

Reggie on how he thought he was portrayed:

“I just thought I was portrayed as a blowhard, kind of a buffoon, to be honest with you and so much of the stuff, the way they portrayed it never happened.

"They had me drinking in Billy Martin's office and I was only in there a few times and that was for conversations neither one of us wanted to have with each other, and then they had me picking out the lineup from a hat one day and then drinking beer with him another day, talking about go minorities or something silly that I would never, never, never have that type of conversation with him.”

On what inaccuracy made him maddest:

“They made a statement about my mother, which I thought was defamation. I’m not a lawyer but they had Billy Martin say in order to portray me as sort of a lost soul . . . 'Well you know, we’re having trouble with Reggie.' And this was George and Gabe Paul and Billy Martin said, 'Well, you know his mother abandoned him when he was 6 and pawned the other four kids on the father.'

Did his parents in fact split up?

"Yes. My mother took three children and my dad took three and that’s how they split it up."

More on how he was portrayed:

“Swagger became arrogance, confidence became conceit and at times I think I looked foolish and silly and they had me make all these efforts to be egotistical to the point of being very insensitive to other people.

"There was a scene in the movie that had me ripping up a bench. I got angry at some point and that never happened in the clubhouse. Even the benches that they used, they were chairs. They weren’t these benches that were nailed down on the floor. It looked like we sat and ate lunch somewhere at a park.

"There were so many scenes we were kidding before that had me sitting inside having a beer with Billy Martin. That never, ever happened. Who would have a drink with a guy who couldn’t stand him and went out of his way to make a fool out of him? I just went out of my way to keep my distance and stay away.

"The way they characterized me walking around with big sunglasses all the time. I wore sunglasses when I played. They were prescription. But the overdoing of the hats. There was one time they showed me loaning money to Mickey Rivers to go to the horse track. I never did that. I thought they disparaged and did their best to embarrass Mickey Rivers with that. It didn’t make me look bad but it never happened.

"There were a lot of things in the movie like that that created characterizations and tried to show the characters of us, not even so much the personalities. The personality of a guy is one thing but trying to disparage character and make fun of them is what the movie portrayed with myself, Billy Martin and George Steinbrenner, and Mickey Rivers as well.”

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