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Reggie Jackson helps as production assistant for ESPN

(Credit: Watchdog)

Reggie Jackson was a guest in the ESPN booth in the bottom of the sixth inning Sunday, but he provided an assist to the telecast in the top of the inning also.

With Phil Coke about to enter, play-by-play man Jon Miller turned in semi-desperation looking to confirm pronunciation of the young pitcher's name. He got his answer from Reggie, who was sitting to the side waiting to go on and checking the progress of the Cowboys-Packers game on a laptop.

(OK, granted, it seems obvious. But Jon was just being diligent!)

I'm going to stop posting stuff from Sunday because I have to save material for the Tuesday newspaper. When I sweep up the cutting room floor, I'll dump the rest of it into the blog bin.

Enjoy the "Joe Girardi Show" at 10 p.m. on YES.

At 12:50 this morning, I was interviewing Michael Kay on the field while ignoring the manager of the Yankees, who was sitting next to him waiting to tape the show. More evidence I have the silliest job in journalism.

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