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Remember, Binghamton has few alums in Mobile, Ala.

Speaking of complicated NCAA decisions (see post below), I figured many Binghamton alums would be annoyed with CBS for dumping the game against Duke so quickly.

Having waited since the dawn of time to see their team in the tournament, it was an unsatisfying stay on the TV screen, no doubt.

What happened? As in the case of the LSU-Butler game (see post below), remember that to accommodate the many Binghamton alums in the New York area, CBS would have had to force not only Ch. 2 to stick with that blowout in the making but also the rest of the 35 percent of the nation assigned to that game in the "flex" group.

That would have included a swath of the country from Boston to Miami to New Orleans, where few fans have an emotional attachment to Binghamton.

Again: March Madness on Demand is your best solution for such problems.

Click below for one more coverage map wrinkle for those who can't get enough of this stuff.The entire Northeast was assigned to the LSU-Butler game Thursday with one exception: A patch of upstate New York around Albany's WRGB, which got . . . Texas A&M-BYU?

That sort of thing usually is a sure sign there is a local boy made good on one of the teams involved.

Sure enough: One of BYU's top players is Glen Falls' own Jimmer Fredette.

Mystery solved.

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