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Rex redux: Coughlin is quipster

Much has changed since my days earlier in the millennium covering the Giants.

For one thing, my old office has become a parking lot. For another, Jeff Feagles is gone!

Then there is technology. When Tom Coughlin decided to be uncharacteristically quotable in his news conference today, several writers whipped out their portable electronic devices to produce tweets to that effect.

TC said his reaction to watching Michael Vick dominate the Redskins Monday night was "just like everyone else was: Put the pencil down and become a fan."

Really? "Not really," he said. "I got indigestion, a stomach ache."

Asked later about devising a defense to stop Vick, Coughlin said, "We're trying to get the 12th man out there, working real hard on that."

The only time Coughlin seemed upset was in discussing the Giants' negative turnover differential. "It's ridiculous," he said. 

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