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Rich Seubert relieved; WatchDog has left the building

(Credit: Watchdog)

As I expected, guard Rich Seubert reacted with extreme displeasure when he saw me at the Giants' hotel this morning.

He is convinced I am bad luck, due to the team's 0-3 record with me in attendance this season. (Not difficult to do since I've only been to home games.)

"C'mon Neil," he said, "first thing I see Thursday morning is you?!" (That's what my wife usually says.)

Well, I have some good news for Mr. Seubert and Giants fans everywhere. (Please pass this along for me, Giants p.r. staff.)

I just learned I will be watching the game in a Fox trailer, OUTSIDE the stadium, and thus will be no threat to the Giants winning their third Super Bowl.

You can thank me at the victory parade, Rich.

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