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Ron Darling likens Carlos Beltran to Greta Garbo

(Credit: Watchdog)

TBS sent an interesting comment from Ron Darling off today's Yanks-Mets tilt, which viewers in the New York area didn't hear, because TBS' telecast was blacked out here:

On Carlos Beltran being a New York type of player:

“I don’t know if there are New York kind of players anymore because this is a tough town and you’re going to catch a lot of criticism. Also, people don’t begrudge the big contracts of athletes, but they do feel as though that when you sign a player to a historical kind of contract they want that player to be a ‘get dirty’ kind of guy, a leader kind of guy, a vocal kind of person, and Carlos is none of those things. He’s an excellent player, great athlete, but would prefer to be left alone. He’s more Greta Garbo than Big League Star.”

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