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Roy White says Horace Clarke is underappreciated

Roy White's new book, "Then Roy Said to Mickey . . . " (written with Darrell Berger) focuses in part on the Yankees' 1965-75 drought, which he experienced firsthand.

"I had been thinking about doing an autobiography type thing and then [book editor] John [Monteleone, a minor league teammate of White's] called me about this and it fit right in," White said. "I loved the idea and got involved."

Does he think the Yankees players from 1965-75 tend to be dismissed unfairly?

"We had some very good players," he said. "Bobby Murcer came up then. Thurman Munson actually joined us in those years. We had Bill Robinson.

"Mel Stottlemyre was a tremendous pitcher who is very underrated. You talk about guys breaking bats; Mel used to break two or three every game he pitched with the sinker he threw.

"And Horace Clarke was a good ballplayer. He has the stigma of being associated with bad teams but he was a good baseball player. One year him and Stick [Michael] led the majors in double plays. That's no easy feat."(I was a well-behaved sports journalist and DID NOT ask White to autograph a copy of the book, even though I was tempted to come full circle from the time my mother took me to a school gym in 1970 to get autographs from White, Gary Waslewski and Ron Klimkowski. But let the word go forth from this time and place: If I ever run into Waslewski or Klimkowski, I'm asking for a new autograph, sportswriter or no sportswriter.)

(Kim Shamsky was one of the organizers of the event. No, I did not ask her about her famously messy, tabloid-friendly difficulties with her ex-husband, '69 Met Art Shamsky. I think a judge slapped a gag order on her anyway.)

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