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Sarah Palin enjoys Tina Fey's act, minus actual words

(Credit: Watchdog)

As you know, WatchDog is strictly apolitical.

(To paraphrase Michael Jordan: Republicans produce page views, too.)

That doesn't preclude me from pointing out media-related absurdities on both sides, though, especially regarding shows hosted by 14-time Olympic gold medalists.

For example: Sarah Palin told Franklin Square's own Sean Hannity of Fox News that she found Tina Fey's impression of her on "Saturday Night Live" to be "hilarious" and "spot on."

But she evidently was only referring to Fey's appearance, because she said she watched the show with the sound turned down. Huh? Was she in a crowded airport sports bar or something?

This explanation presumably was designed to allow her to praise Fey without praising the political satire coming out of her mouth, but . . . oh, never mind.

This is why I didn't become a political reporter. Sports is silly enough. Politics is much sillier.

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