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Sarah Palin was state title starter, Obama a backup

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Yes, I know I swore off blogging for the weekend (see post below), but WatchDog by-laws clearly state that promises can be broken any time a governor of Alaska is named a major party candidate for Vice President.

Unfortunately, I arrived in the Last Frontier a few months after Sarah (Heath) Palin led Wasilla to a state small schools championship, and I left before her stint as a local TV sports reporter.

I was in the 49th State when she finished second in the 1984 Miss Alaska contest, but I missed the big event.

Did I ever visit Wasilla? Sort of. It was a wide spot in the road en route to Talkeetna, Mount McKinley and Fairbanks. The official Iditarod start is there, but I only attended the ceremonial one in downtown Anchorage.

I've written before that Barack Obama would be the best basketball player ever in the White House. But he was a non-starter as a senior when his team won the Hawaii state title in 1979.

Palin was the starting point guard on her Alaska state title team in 1982.

I say forget the debates and set up a two-on-two game between the tickets. I'm guessing Obama has trouble going to his right and Palin can't go to her left.

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