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Scott Kazmir encounters Jim Duquette on the radio

Los Angeles Angels starting pitcher Scott Kazmir throws

Los Angeles Angels starting pitcher Scott Kazmir throws to the New York Yankees during the fourth inning. (September 23, 2009) (Credit: AP )

Sorry I'm two days late on this, but before Game 6 Sunday on Sirius XM's "MLB Home Plate" host Jim Duquette had his first public conversation with Scott Kazmir since, well, you know.

Sirius XM sent this transcript:

Host Seth Everett: “The real question: What is it like to reunite with Jim Duquette?” 

Kazmir: “Uh, it’s great.  It’s great.  It’s always great.”

 Duquette: “We ran into each other in Baltimore when I was with the Orioles and we were in the elevator one time and it was like, ‘Hey, I know you. I recognize you.’”

Kazmir: (laughs) “A couple of head nods.  We’re good.”

Everett: “People will know that Jim Duquette is famous for being the guy that traded Scott Kazmir.”

Duquette: “Or infamous.”

Everett: “I don’t know if we go a day in New York City where someone doesn’t say, ‘Jim, did you really trade Scott Kazmir?’”

Kazmir: “That’s funny.  Every single time I’m in New York I hear it.  Every single time.  From the fans, one way or another it gets brought up.”

Everett: “So you’re in an elevator in Baltimore and the elevator door closes, who said the first word?” 

Kazmir: “Uh, I think it was Jim.  It was like, ‘I think I know you.’” 

Duquette: “I was trying to keep it loose and light, you know?  You never know that first moment after the trade, you’re not quite sure how the reaction’s going to be.” 

Kazmir: “Kind of a halfway smile like, ‘Is he mad at me?  Are we cool?  Everything’s cool?’  No, we were fine.  After we went past one level I think the tension was gone.” 

Duquette: “Yeah, there was the point of no return.  Neither one of us could get out. (laughs)”  

Kazmir: (laughs)

Photo: AP

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