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Securing Yankees tickets 'costly' in more ways than one

(Credit: Watchdog)

My latest newspaper column concerns Tuesday's online sale of single-game Yankees tickets, and how the best seats are quite a bit more obtainable than the worst.

As of Tuesday night, you still could purchase two seats to Opening Day, for a mere $2,625 apiece, not including the $59.70 "convenience charge" on Ticketmaster.

I should have mentioned in the column that the ultra-expensive seats do come with food and parking, in case your mother doesn't feel like sending you with bologna sandwiches and a Pepsi.

Thanks to Seth Mates of our own Steel Cage blog for sending this amusing image of an apropos security word prompt encountered when navigating Ticketmaster's purchasing process.

(No wonder Lonn Trost didn't call me back Tuesday. He was busy giving Bobby Cassidy a tour of the new ballyard.)

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