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Seth Davis v. Bob Knight

CBS college hoops analyst Seth Davis was not shy Saturday in responding on the air to the recent criticism of Kentucky coach John Calipari by ESPN analyst Bob Knight.

Saideth Seth:

"First of all, Bob Knight did not get his facts quite correct. UMass nor Memphis went on probation nor was John Calipari implicated in either of those cases. So I think he’s being a little unfair to Calipari.

"His broader point, which he expanded on today, is that he feels like whenever a school gets in trouble, it's the coach that should be punished, as opposed to the school he leaves behind. He cited Kelvin Sampson as an example of someone who never should have gotten hired at Indiana.

"But let me just say this to coach Knight, my fellow member of the media - by the way, Bob, welcome to the media - is that while Knight never ran afoul of the NCAA, to his credit, he is not a great messenger to be talking about the behavior of coaches.

"So now that he is commenting on these things, I’d like to see him own up to some of the things he did over the course of his career. Be as tough on Bob Knight as you were this week on John Calipari."


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