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Sid Rosenberg back on Imus' show from Super Bowl

Sid Rosenberg was back on Don Imus’ show this week for the first time since Imus’ stormy departure from WFAN in April of 2007, filing reports from the Super Bowl Wednesday through Friday.

How’d it go? “It was fun,’’ said Rosenberg, who was invited back to do two more post-Big Game reports Monday.

“Don is still Don. You’re talking about one of the legendary guys in the business. It also is good that my voice is on a New York station, only because of what’s happened in the past and the way people perceive me.’’

Rosenberg, who had been Imus’ update man before being fired in May of 2005 for making an off-color joke about singer Kylie Minogue’s cancer, was filling in the day of the notorious “nappy-headed hos’’ crack about the Rutgers women’s basketball team. But he did not directly participate in that part of the discussion.

Now Rosenberg hosts a show on 790 The Ticket in south Florida, while Imus is on WABC. He said he is “very, very happy’’ in Florida and has two years left on his contract, but added he still is a “New York kid’’ at heart.

For now, Rosenberg mostly was just pleased to be back with Imus, and to counter perceptions he never would be welcome on his show again. “It eliminated everybody who thinks Imus hates me,’’ he said.

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