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Sid Rosenberg set to return to Imus radio program

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Sid Rosenberg is scheduled to provide reports for Don Imus' WABC radio show from the Super Bowl Tuesday through Friday of next week, Rosenberg's agent, Mark Lepselter, said Friday.

It will be Rosenberg's first work for Imus since April of 2007, when Imus was fired from WFAN by CBS Radio in the wake of remarks widely perceived as racist and sexist.

Rosenberg was filling in as Imus' sports update man at the time of the "nappy-headed hos" incident, but Rosenberg was not directly implicated in the resulting controversy.

Although Rosenberg has what Lepselter called "a great situation in Miami" at 790 The Ticket, Sid has been open about his desire eventually to return to New York.

"We've scratched our heads at some of the roadblocks he's hit here in New York," Lepselter said. "There has been some frustration. Yeah, it's been frustrating. I'm not going to tell you it hasn't."

Lepselter said he believed in the fall that Rosenberg might be headed back to the New York market, "but unfortunately, it didn't come to fruition."

He wasn't specific about where he expected Rosenberg to land, but Sid was discussed as a potential cast member of Mike Francesa's WFAN show after Chris Russo left.

Rosenberg's candidacy is believed to have been discouraged by executives at CBS Radio concerned about his checkered past.

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