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If you want to be picky about it, yes, there are a few differences between me and another famous blogger, Emily Gould, what with her being a single, tattooed, twentysomething, city-dwelling female who has shared her sex life and other intimate matters with readers.

I have shared the deaths of pet fish with readers, but the rest is, like I said, different.

Still, much about this long, confessional magazine article she wrote resonated with me. I especially liked this paragraph:

"The will to blog is a complicated thing, somewhere between inspiration and compulsion. It can feel almost like a biological impulse. You see something, or an idea occurs to you, and you have to share it with the Internet as soon as possible. What I didn’t realize was that those ideas and that urgency — and the sense of self-importance that made me think anyone would be interested in hearing what went on in my head — could just disappear."

I haven't gotten to the disappearing part, so I'm not quite as evolved as Ms. Gould. Maybe someday.

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