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SNY counts Mex's cards

Former Mets first baseman and current broadcaster Keith

Former Mets first baseman and current broadcaster Keith Hernandez had his mustache shaved off by Elliott Chester in front at Citi Field for charity. Schick Hydro and Hernandez donated $10,000 to The Jacquelyn Hernandez Adult Day Health Center for patients with Alzheimer's disease. (Sept. 27, 2012) (Credit: Getty)

As dog days promotions involving sub-.500 baseball teams go, this one is creative enough to warrant a mention here.

Starting next week, SNY will give away a signed Keith Hernandez scorecard for each game the analyst works.

SNY will pose a trivia question related to Hernandez during Mets games, and the 17th fan correctly to answer it on Twitter will get one of his famously intricate scorecards. (Memo to young fans: He wore No. 17 with the Mets.)

The network’s Twitter address is @SNYtv. The relevant hashtag is #ScorewithKeith.

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