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SNY offers 90 minutes of guys yelling about sports

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Yes, I watched SNY's new 5 to 6:30 p.m. lineup Monday, and I'm not (overly) ashamed to admit it.

Early observations:

"Daily News Live": The show has been reduced from 60 minutes to 30 and given a new-look set. I would advise turning the lights up and moving the table top down. The panelists looked like they were sitting at the little kids' table at a bar mitzvah with romantic mood lighting.

"The WheelHouse": Scott Ferrall managed on three different occasions in one 30-minute show to disparage a New York pro athlete by comparing him to a woman. For this we're supposed to give up "Pardon the Interruption?" Speaking of which, the show includes a rundown of coming topics and declares a winner based on the superior debating points. Why hasn't anyone thought of those gimmicks before? Oh, wait . . .

"Loud Mouths": I kind of liked Schein and Carlin, but by this point I had heard quite enough debate about the talk radio topics du jour, from Georgetown to Andy Pettitte to Isiah. At the end of the show the hosts discussed what they would be watching on TV that night. Why hasn't anyone thought of that gimmick before? Oh, wait . . .

In fairness, it was Day One. And in fairness, I'm off this week. I'll give it all another chance after a week or two, OK, guys? Please don't yell at me.

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