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SNY's Darling knows Yankees

By this point, only the most hardcore Mets-haters among Yankees fans are bothered by TBS using Ron Darling on Yankees playoff games. The SNY guy is a pro’s pro, with no whiff of bias.

But just how well can Darling be expected to know the Yankees, given that he spends the vast majority of his time watching the National League?

Not to worry. Between the Subway Series and regular-season TBS games, he has worked a dozen of their games this season and many others in recent years. He also lives in Manhattan.

“Uniquely, I’m lucky to be in this town and every morning I get to read [New York papers] and peer into what is going on in their clubhouse,’’ he said, adding he has other sources of Yankees information from local baseball friends.

“I’m just lucky that if you are a New York ballplayer, announcer, whatever, we are all in it kind of together,’’ he said.

Darling, a 1986 Met, said he looks forward to them winning another championship. “Until that day comes,’’ though, he said, “I’m just happy to be a New Yorker and doing a New York team."

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