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SNY's Jets studio team gang tackles Glauber

Speaking of SNY's Jets postgame (see post below) . . .

Newsday's Bob Glauber, one of the most experienced football scribes in America, asked Darrelle Revis the final question in his news conference:

Glauber: "Do you think your name's going to start to get out there now, or do you care?"

Revis: "It really doesn't matter. I just go out and do my job and be a team player."

This seemed like a reasonable question, given that Revis' national profile among casual fans is modest.

Until this season I was aware of him but was not aware he is among the NFL's elite corners.

Yet back in the studio, SNY's Jets crew jumped all over the question.

Brian Custer: "I don't know what that guy was asking."

Adam Schein: "Start to get out there?!"

Custer: "I don't know who that was."

Schein: "Do people follow football?"

Custer: "What is it, amateur hour out there?"

Schein: "Apparently so."

Ray Lucas also was saying something derogatory that I couldn't quite make out.

Amateur hour? Yikes. Glauber will be in the Jets locker room more times this month than Custer, Lucas and Schein will all season - combined.

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