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SNY voices unamused by Willie Randolph comments

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Willie Randolph took some pointed shots at SNY in Ian O'Connor's column in The Record of Hackensack, N.J., Monday.

SNY's four game announcers got to point back on Tuesday's pre-game show.

Here is how it went:

Kevin Burkhardt: "The comments are mystifying, to be honest with you . . . It's out of leftfield . . . Now he has to answer a lot of questions about some very strange comments."

Gary Cohen: "Again, the Mets are having to deal with another self-inflicted controversy."

Keith Hernandez: "You've got this now to deal with. It’s hard to believe, but it’s happened and I’ll be very curious to see how this team responds."

Ron Darling: "One of the things you hate is when a reporter comes up to you and says, 'Did you see what happened in the paper?' Or, 'Did you read what happened?' No, I didn’t. And he tells you the comments and then you have to make a comment on it. You know what it’s doing? It's stopping you from doing what you're supposed to be doing: getting ready for the game. That’s part of the problem we have now is that the manager has chosen to make comments about things that you would think that for him should be water under the bridge. Who cares what anyone says? You care about wins."

Here is Lennon's latest blog post on this.

One of the strangest things about this story is how slowly it unfolded, given the fact the original column appeared in Monday morning's paper.

"Most of the New York papers kind of ignored it today," Cohen said during the second inning this afternoon. Yo, Gary, not Newsday!

(UPDATE: Here's more from during the game itself:

“Why is Willie wasting any time watching us, for one, and two, I just think it’s wrong,’’ Darling said. “I think his comments are wrong. I think some of the best things we do are watching not only Willie, but also his staff, go about their business educating these young men on how to play the game.’’

Said Keith Hernandez: “In my 17 years of major league baseball and 10-plus years of being up here in the booth, I’ve just never heard of a manager make those kinds of comments before, and I’m really quite surprised that Willie made those comments. It absolutely took me completely by surprise.’’)

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