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Someday I hope to stop writing about WFAN hosts

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Holy Benigno!

Reaction continues to pour into my Inbox regarding Friday's column and related blog post about WFAN's search for a sidekick for Mike Francesa.

I did not write that Joe Benigno is a done deal, nor did I portray this is an either/or between Joe and Kim Jones. I only brought up Kim as an example of a fresher, more intriguing choice.

Nevertheless, readers are taking sides, with each camp making good points about the pros and cons of Kim and Joe, and with about as much overlap in opinions as there is between Democrats and Republicans these days.

It's pretty simple, really: Your preference is a matter of your own personality and priorities. The only opinion that really matters, though, is Mike Francesa's. And so far he ain't sayin'.

I'd love to answer your e-mails on this for the rest of the day and weekend. But I should write my Sunday newspaper column because that is my job.

Keep discussing among yourselves, by all means.

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