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Sorry, CC, Jets, Giants fever grips Baseball Town!

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My Tuesday newspaper column leads with a look at the Jets' and Giants' growing appeal as TV attractions, both locally and nationally.

The Jets in particular have been a revelation, their local ratings rising by an NFL best versus last season, when they ranked last in that category. (This season, they're all the way up to next-to-last, ahead of the Raiders. But still . . . )

Several readers have wondered why NBC didn't grab Sunday's Broncos-Jets tilt for prime time. Answer: While the network would have loved to show that, the point of flexible scheduling is not to give NBC the best possible game but merely to avoid stinkers.

Thus the league kept Bears-Vikings on Sunday night and moved the Jets to the coveted late-afternoon slot on CBS.

Had the Bears and Vikings lost Sunday, that game would have looked mighty mediocre. But as it is, it pits teams tied for first place and both with winning records. So it's all good.

As for the suddenly much-anticipated, not-unrealistic-at-all notion of a Giants-Jets Super Bowl - complete with Jersey guy Bruce Springsteen performing at halftime! - Glauber wrote about that. So did Barker.

Click below for thoughts from NFL Network/NBC/HBO analyst Cris Collinsworth on which teams he thinks will make it to the big game in Tampa.“If you asked me today, and my ‘today’s’ change daily, I would say the Jets and the Giants.”

“For the Jets, they went up to New England and I called that game on the NFL Network, they have made huge strides defensively. Their offensive line, after losing two of the first three, has come together. They can run the ball and protect the passer. They can stop the run now, thanks in large part to Kris Jenkins and Calvin Pace. They’ve got a great kick returner in Leon Washington and their special teams are good.

"Not only did the beat Tennessee, they blew them out in their own building. So if Tennessee is the best, you now have to put the Jets over the top of them and they have already beat New England in New England, Indy is coming around, so then you go back to Pittsburgh. I’m deciding between Pittsburgh and the New York Jets at this point.

"I think the Jets are a little bit better. They can do more things well.

"“The Giants are clear cut. They are the best team in football right now.”

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